Joliet Firefighters 
Peer Support Group

"Firefighters helping firefighters and their families"


Weekly Support Group Meetings

Our group hosts a free weekly support group meeting on the Zoom meeting platform. The meetings are held every Thursday at 10 AM. First responders, families, retirees and nurses are welcome to attend. This is not a set, mandatory group, one can attend as needed.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is an epidemic in the fire service.  Please call us if you are having suicidal thoughts.. Our clinicians and suicidologists are experts in this field.  There is help, there is hope.

PTSD Education and Referral

PTSD has specific symptoms.  Our peer supporters are here to listen.  Our clinicians are here to treat.  Please call!

24 Hour Peer Support

We have peer supporters and clinicians available 24/7 for your peer support and mental health needs.  Call or text (855) JFD-PEER or email us at

Individual Crisis Intervention

When critical events occur, our Group has the training to provide individual crisis intervention to members and their families using the IAFF A-B-C Model.

Spiritual Wellness

Though many do not se it as so, your spiritual health is critical to your overall well-being.  Our spiritual counselors are available to help.

Firefighter Outreach

We know that seeking firefighter peer support can be difficult.  We promise to provide presence and continuing outreach for our firefighters and their families.

Wellness Support

Our group strives to help care for the needs of our firefighters and their families.  This not only involves being healthy but also staying healthy physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  Look for our new wellness program coming in Summer 2020.

Spouse and Family Support

The fire service can have profound effects on spouses, family and friends.  We are here to help everyone involved in the firefighter's life.  Please call us or email us with questions or suggestions.

Referral to Definitive Care

When issues are past the knowledge and skills of the Peers, we have the ability to refer you to our Clinician partners at Aspire- Center for Positive Change located in Channahon, IL.